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Bouquet Subscriptions

We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

Welcome!  Please read carefully before purchasing our seasonal bouquet subscriptions:

- all bouquets are to be picked up at the dates specified on the order at our farm (Kennedy & Stouffville road; exact address will be given at checkout).  Unfortunately we are unable to deliver bouquets at this moment.

- We have 2 options:
1) Weekly pick up of 4 seasonal bouquets (please choose month, then Tuesday or Saturday pick up). Pick up time is between 8am to 7pm on Tuesday, and 8am to 1 pm on Saturday. Price is between $120 to $128 depending on the month for 4 bouquets.
2) Monthly pick up of 5 seasonal bouquets (all Sunday pick up between 8am to 1pm).  We have 4 groups, from group A to D and each group starts on a specific Sunday. Price is $156 for 5 bouquets.

- We will not be offering July weekly pick up as we are hoping to have a break in July.

- please note that our bouquet are all seasonal flowers growing in our fields for that particular week.  Fresh blooms in each bouquet will depend on availability, with no choice of colours or varieties (for choice of colour scheme, please order from our "Seasonal Bouquet pre-order" tab.

Thank you again for liking our seasonal blooms, freshly grown with love, free of chemicals!

WEEKLY Bouquet subscriptions:


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