4 seaonal bouquets to be picked up weekly at our farm.  Each bouquet will include 3-5 focal flowers featuring what is in bloom for that week, plus other fillers and foliages.  Examples of Early spring flowers in bloom are specialty tulips and daffodils, lamb's ear, ranuculus and everyone's favourite flower, the Peonies!  Although there will be no personal choice of flowers varieties and colour, they will include what are the freshest of the week.


pick up date and time: please scroll down on menu to choose


Pick up location : our gate house at Kennedy and Stouffville. Exact address will be given after checkout when we send out the confirmation.





Mid June to July: 4 week seasonal Flower subscription

Excluding Sales Tax
  • no refund on flowers/plants.  If you are away, the subscription can be transferred to your friend/family and please let us know the pick up person's name and email address. We can only allow one pick up date change per monthly order. Please inspect them when you pick up and let us know same day if there are issues with your bouquet and attach pictures.  We cannot promise a specific colour or type of flowers. Some varieties of flowers last longer and some do not.  We do promise we offer the freshest flowers to you