Mason Jar ($35) or Small ($35), medium($47) or large($65) seasonal mixed bouquet to be picked up in stouffville on your date you choose, between 8am to 7 pm. Kennedy and stouffville road. Flower varieties and colours will vary according to the season. Choice of 1) soft & romantic 2) bright and dramatic. Pictures above are samples only and each bouquet will look different. Small bouquet will have about 3 focal flowers plus foliage and other enhancement flowers; medium about 4-5 and large 6-8. Mason Jar will be a small arrangement in a mason jar.  Each bouquet is wrapped in kraft paper only as we do not use plastic wrapping.  The ends will be wrapped in wet paper towel in ziplock bag for you to take home. Ordered must be placed at least 24 hours in advance for us to process.  If not, we will refund your purchase as we cannot process the order or change the date without having 1 day notice.  thank you for understanding!

seasonal bouquet for pick up in stouffville between 8 am to 7 pm

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Sorry no refund or exchanges on fresh flowers.  Please you see issues with your bouquet upon pickup, please take pictures and send to us within the pick up date. If you do not pick up your bouquet on the specified date it will be discarded

  • pick up time is between 8am to 7 pm at our shed at Kennedy and Stouffville (a ready to pick up email will be sent to you before your pickup date with the exact address); sorry we do not offer delivery at this point.  Please carefully choose honour the date you choose, and if the flowers are not picked on at the end of the day, they would be discarded. Your bouquet will have your name on, inside the shed, either in the fridge or next to it in buckets.