Fresh Seasonal Flowers

Welcome to FairyPatch's seasonal flowers!  Thank you for choosing our flowers that are grown without use of chemical fertilizers or pesticide.  We use sustainable methods to grow our flowers with love & care while providing habitants for pollinators and other critters.  Our growing season is late April to early October.  All our flowers are grown on our backyard in the open field.
We offer 2 options, please read carefully before ordering and make sure you can pick up on the specific date and time, as flowers wilt easily in the heat. 1) seasonal flower subscription 2) seasonal bouquet order
1) Seasonal flower subscriptions, which features what are freshly blooming in our flower field.  Choose from below for either 4 consecutive weekly bouquet or 1 bouquet per month for 5 months.  There is no choice of colour/variety/style for subscriptions. Our subscription go live on December 4, 2020 friday at 8pm EST until sold out.
2) Seasonal bouquet order for specific dates (will be opened after May 2021).  There will choices of style and sizes, and specific pickup dates.  All seasonal bouquet orders will only be accepted if ordered at least 24 hours in advance.
We do not offer delivery service at this time, as we are a small family run flower farm, growing most of our flowers in our field.  Please note all bouquets are to be picked up at our gatehouse on our driveway, at our Home at Kennedy & Stouffville road.  It is a private property and we are not opened to the public.  All orders are to be ordered in advance and pick up reminders will be sent a day before the pick up date.
Happy shopping!