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Q: Do you deliver bouquets or can I pick up bouquets at your shed?

A: We currently do not offer deliveries. We only accept pre-ordered bouquets to be picked up at our shed located at the front of our house, at Kennedy and Stouffville Road.  We are not a shop so please only visit the shed when you have items that you have pre-ordered for pickup.


Q: Are you open to public for visits?

A: We are NOT open to the public.  All pre-ordered flowers can be picked up here in stouffville after an arrangement with us has been made.  This is our family home so please respect our privacy


Q: I placed an order but need to change the pick up date

A: We prepare your bouquet a day in advance.  Please order your bouquet at least 1 day before the pickup date. Orders placed on the same day of the pickup date might need to be cancelled and refunded if we are unavailable to make the bouquet. Pick up dates cannot be changed without 24 hours advance notice.


Q: For my flower subscription, can I change the pickup date if I am not able to pick up?

A: We will accommodate changing the pick up date once only for the 4 week subscription, or you can arrange to have a friend/family to pick up for you.  Please do let us know the name and contact of the person who will be picking up in case of changes.

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