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Dahlia  Tubers 2023

Thank you for visiting!  Our 2023 Dahlia tuber shop is now closed for final inventory update.  If we have extra tubers, we might have an update in mid to late April 2023.

- Please make sure the address and email address you entered is correct.  Your email is our only way of communication with you if there are any problems with your order!  We will not be responsible for lost packages due to incorrect address given to us.

- shipping is WITHIN CANADA ONLY;  we do not ship outside of Canada currently.

- Please note that the shipping rate is a flat rate of $26
,regardless of the size of the order. Please keep that in mind when purchasing small quantities.  For 2023, we will be offering free shipping for orders over $200 before tax.

- We guarantee that each tuber would have a viable eye and is true to variety. However, we cannot control other factors such as growing conditions, climate etc.  If you see any issues upon their arrival, please email us within 7 days of receiving them with pictures and we will try our best to correct the issue.  We would not be responsible for tubers that have been planted in the ground (unless it is an incorrect variety).

- We will mail tubers out around mid to late April as weather permits; however if the weather remains below freezing we might have to delay to early May. For pick up at our farm in Stouffville, Ontario, we will email you to pick them up around mid to Late April.. We cannot offer early pickup/shipment, as we wake up our tubers and process them for shipment all at the same time.

- Each order will include a basic dahlia growing instruction sheet.  We would encourage you to research into how/when to grow your dahlias in your climate zone.  Here in zone 5b, Ontario, we usually plant them in the ground around late May, when there is no risk of frost.  You can also pot them up early indoor around late march to early April to get them a head start, and then planted out in late May.

- All the photos you see were taken from our farm between 2019 to 2022.  Please note that colour and sizes of dahlia can vary drastically in different climate, soil type, growing conditions, rainfall etc. for many varieties.  

- We reserve extra tubers in case of storage issues; however, in case the varieties you ordered do not survive storage this winter, we will email you and offer you either a replacement of your choice or a refund of the unavailable tubers.

- Unfortunately we cannot combine orders.  After an order has been placed, we cannot combine them or offer a refund/exchange.  Please select carefully before ordering.

- If our website crashes on the sale date, we will pause all sales and announce another opening sale date so that you would not be spending all day in front of the computer.

- Please note that we had a mix up with our Petra's Wedding and Bride to Be tubers.  If you order under Petra's wedding/Bride to be, you might get either variety by chance.  The price has been lowered for them.

- payment options are : PayPal or square (all credit cards).

- We might have another inventory update in April, after more sprouts show up on our tubers.  

Thank you for supporting small farms, happy shopping!


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