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Dahlia Cutting pre-order (pick up in Stouffville, ON only) 2024

These are pre-order of Dahlia Cuttings (1 rooted plant in a small pot) to be picked up at our farm (Stouffville, ontario) on April 27 or 28, 2024. 

At checkout, please scroll down to "local pickup" at shipping area.  We DO NOT SHIP CUTTINGS at this point.

Each plant is grown in an individual pot, well-rooted with at least 3-4 sets of leaves, ready to be planted out after your last frost date.


We only use tuber stock that were grown in our farm in 2023, free of visible diseases and verified of correct variety last year. We guarantee that each plant will be true to variety.  However, there are many factors that will affect the growth of the plant, and once you have picked up the plants, please let us know of any issue within the day of pickup by email with PHOTOGRAPH (not on social media).  There is no refund or exhanges on live plant material.


The plants can only be planted outdoor AFTER all risks of frost.  They like well drained soil that have lots of organic matter and full sun.  Please plant each plant about 18 inches apart for best results, and stake well to avoid breakage.To harvest more stems of flowers, it is best to pinch the plant above the third set of true leaves.  It will then branch out to form more long stems for cutting.


Thank you for choosing your local flower farm!

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