Bouquet Subscriptions

Welcome! We are so pleased to offer our bouquet subscriptions for 2022!  Our flowers are grown in our field in stouffville, free of chemical fertilizers or pesticide.

Please read carefully before placing an order for our seasonal bouquet subscription.
- Please choose "pick up local" at checkout only, instead of shipping. they are to be picked up at our farm only;
 unfortunately we are unable to deliver at this moment. 
- we are located at Kennedy and Stouffville road.  The exact address will be given at checkout.
- our bouquets are all seasonal with what we have freshest from our field. Each bouquet will have at least 3-5 focal flowers
  and other fillers. There is no colour choice or variety of flowers.
- If you would like a specific scheme, please order from our "Seasonal Bouquet pre-order page" when they become       
   available around Late May to June.
- our weekly subscription consists of 4 weekly bouquets. Please choose between Tuesday (8am to7pm) or Saturday (8am to
   1 pm)
 below.  For May and June, they are $128. For August and September , they are $120 plus HST.
- our monthly subscription consists of 5 montly bouquets, with pick up dates on Sunday.  We have 4 Sunday groups, from A to
  D with different first pick up date. They are $154 plus HST.
- For this season there is no weekly July subscription as we are hoping to get some rest in July.
- Please pick up your bouquet on the dates indicated. We will also send a reminder email before each pick up date.  If you 
  cannot pick up your bouquet, please give us 48 hours notice and we will accommodate one date change per subscription.

Thank you for choosing local flowers!  Our flowers are grown with love.  Hope they will bring you and your loved ones lots of joy and happiness!


Weekly Subscriptions

Monthly Subscriptions