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Dream Cutting Garden seedling sampler 2022

Welcome to FairyPatch's Dream cutting garden sampler 2022!
Please read carefully before ordering :
1) all proceeds of this sale will go towards the Canadian Red Cross Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis fund
2) the sampler set is to be picked up only, in Stouffville (Kennedy & Stouffville) on May 14, 2022 Saturday at our farm between 10 am to 1pm
3) no Refund/Exchanges for the live plants/tubers
4) the sampler will consists of :
   - Eucalyptus (bookleaf mallee, baby blue or silver dollar) 4 plants
   - Lisianthus (mix) 4 plants
   - Sweet peas (mix) 2 plants
   - Tweedia 4 plants
   - Strawflowers 4 plants
   - New Snow Everlasting *2 plants
   - Stock (mix) * 6 plants
   - 2 mystery Dahlia tubers
   - if we have plant failure we will substitute with other varieties
5)a simple spacing/height instruction sheet will be included. For gardeners with basic gardening skills and up
Thank you so much for participating! Your help and support is much appreciated! (love and peace)


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